THANX GOD I’M A VIP -or ‘TGV’ for those in the know- was founded in 1994 by Sylvie Chateigner.

It all started with a boutique, selling vintage items, in the heart of the Parisian Montorgueil neighbourhood and a debut of what would become a series of notorious parties a few months later.

From the Elysee Montmartre to the prestigious Wagram room, while passing through the Ritz Club and Chez Maxim’s, the TGV parties would bring together almost 2000 people from the fashion, music and media world. Each event grew with a reputation of a strong musical identity- one of the increasingly popular ‘French Touch’ that party goers would dance to as resident DJ Gregory spun records alongside his counterparts from around the world. With the music, another secret ingredient of the iconic parties was the diverse crowd: multiethnic and Parisian at the same time. In 2005, Sylvie Chateigner meets Amnaye Nhas, who becomes resident DJ at Chez Maxim’s.

As associates, in 2008, they open THANX GOD I’M A V.I.P Vintage: a boutique space of 200m2 set on two levels just footsteps away from Place de la Republique.

The ground floor would display an impeccable (and often new) selection of items from some of the most prestigious fashion houses: Hermes, YSL, Chanel, Lanvin, Burberry’s…
Additionally, one can also find another collection of pieces at more affordable prices- with no compromise on quality or the details that makes them so special.

This new space also passionately highlights well tailored clothes made of noble and natural materials: silk, cashmere, alpaga or lama…

Since its doors first opened, an international clientele rushes to la rue de Lancry to shop the latest trends. With its growing popularity, the next step was for the two founders to launch a website so that customers could continue to discover and enjoy vintage pieces online, around the world. New, original pieces can be found on the site along with the boutique’s own label creations.

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